Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement

Parties and Objectives
1. This agreement is made between the party renting the "villa, apartment, or flat" (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") and the party renting out the "villa, apartment, or flat" (hereinafter referred to as "Vacation Rental") for the purpose of renting the "villa, apartment, or flat" for a specified period with predetermined start and end dates. (Hereinafter, our villas, apartments, or flats will be referred to as "Holiday Home.")
2. Customers who book any of the holiday homes within Vacation Rental via our website, telephone, or WhatsApp, and their companions are deemed to have unconditionally accepted the following terms.
3. Violation of any of the following terms entitles Vacation Rental to unilaterally cancel the reservation, request the customer to vacate the holiday home, refuse to refund the advance payment, deposit, damage fee, and/or rental fee, or demand payment of any outstanding amounts.
Reservation, Advance Payment, and Remaining Payments
4. Reservations for our holiday homes can be made via the reservation form on our website, by telephone, or via WhatsApp.
5. After requesting the advertisement number of the holiday home, the number of guests, and the desired rental dates from the customer, Vacation Rental conducts capacity and availability checks and provides feedback to customers. After agreeing to the contract for rental between the Customer and Vacation Rental, Vacation Rental provides the customer with the account number for the 30% advance payment. Upon making the advance payment, the customer sends the receipt and email address to Vacation Rental. Vacation Rental finalizes the reservation by sending the rental agreement along with the reservation form. Remaining payments + damage deposit amounts will be paid in cash to the Vacation Rental Advisor upon check-in. In the event of no damage observed during the post-checkout inspection, the damage deposit collected at check-in will be refunded to customers without any deductions. (Details regarding the damage deposit are provided in Articles 34, 35, and 36.)
6. The reservation form sent to the customer includes the advertisement number of the villa requested by the customer, the check-in and check-out dates, the amounts to be paid, and any special notes if applicable. Customers are asked to check this information and notify Vacation Rental of any errors for correction. If no error information is communicated to Vacation Rental by the customer within 24 hours of sending the reservation form, it will be assumed that there are no errors in the information provided on the reservation form.
7. Until the expiration of the option period communicated to the customer, if the advance payment receipt is not sent to Vacation Rental, Vacation Rental reserves the right to cancel the pre-reservation without notifying the customer and may accept another reservation for the holiday home.
8. One week before the check-in date, the customer is required to confirm with the holiday home owner. If any problems related to the reservation are not reported to Vacation Rental by the customer and/or the holiday home owner, it will be assumed that there are no errors in the reservation.

Vacation Home Check-in and Check-out Times

9. On the day of reservation commencement, the check-in time for the holiday home is generally from 16:00 at the earliest to 20:00 at the latest. The check-out time is no later than 11:00 in the morning. (The earliest check-in and latest check-out times for our holiday homes are specified in all our advertisements. These hours in the advertisements apply to the respective holiday homes. It is important to pay attention to the information provided in the reservation form.)

10. For check-ins and/or check-outs outside the specified times in the advertisements, the customer must confirm with the villa owner.

11. Vacation Rental cannot be held responsible for problems arising from the customer's failure to enter the holiday home after the time stated in the advertisement and/or confirmed with the villa owner, including issues such as overnight accommodations or finding alternative accommodations. The customer is responsible for finding their own accommodation and covering the costs incurred.

12. If the customer fails to vacate the holiday home before the time specified in the advertisement and/or confirmed with the villa owner, the customer is responsible for any resulting problems, damages, or inconveniences, and is obliged to compensate Vacation Rental for any financial losses incurred.

13. If the customer voluntarily vacates the holiday home earlier than the scheduled check-out date, no refund will be provided for the accommodation fee.

Holiday Home Capacities

14. We strictly do not accept guests, including children and infants, beyond the capacity stated in our advertisements or the number of guests specified during the reservation process.

15. If there is a need to change the number of guests after the reservation is confirmed, the customer must apply to Vacation Rental in writing, and the change may be approved only after verifying the capacity of the holiday home and upon agreement between the villa owner and Vacation Rental.

16. Once check-in is completed, guests other than those listed on the reservation are strictly not allowed in the holiday home. In cases where this rule is violated, the villa owner and/or Vacation Rental reserve the right to request the departure of unauthorized guests, cancel the reservation entirely, demand immediate vacation of the holiday home without waiting for the end of the rental period, withhold the entire fee if already paid, or demand the remaining payment if not yet paid.

17. During the rental process of the holiday home, transactions are made based on the customer's declaration, and the customer acknowledges that the information provided is accurate and complete and accepts all responsibilities arising from this.

18. Upon check-in to our holiday homes, the villa owner requests copies of the identification documents or photos of all guests, and their entries are recorded in the Gendarmerie Identity Reporting system.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Additional Expenses of Holiday Homes
19. Entry cleaning is included in the rental prices for durations specified in the advertisements and above. For requests below the specified durations, an additional cleaning fee is charged. The request for an extra fee is communicated to the customer during the reservation process and is added to the reservation amount after the customer's acceptance.

20. Any other cleaning, towel, sheet changes, etc. requested will be subject to an additional fee. Guests are required to communicate these requests to the villa owners.

21. Pool and garden maintenance is carried out once a day in our holiday homes, and any technical issues during the rental period will be resolved by the holiday home owner. Tatil Kirala cannot be held responsible for these issues but can only assist in their resolution.

22. In order to perform periodic maintenance of the pools, gardens, and other fixtures of our holiday homes, it may be necessary for the assigned staff to enter the garden or interior of the holiday home. For these services to be carried out smoothly, the customer must allow the assigned staff to enter the garden and/or interior of the holiday home as necessary.

23. Unless otherwise stated on our website, electricity, water, gas, and internet usage are included in the prices for our holiday homes.

24. Air conditioning and internet may not be available in all of our holiday homes as a standard feature; therefore, it is advisable to carefully read the specifications of the holiday home you are renting from our advertisements.

25. The features of the holiday homes are entered into the advertisements based on information obtained from the holiday home owners. Over time, some of the features specified in the advertisements may no longer be available and/or may have been removed from the holiday home. Therefore, our customers should carefully review the features stated in the advertisements and, if there are essential features, they should request confirmation from Tatil Kirala by contacting the holiday home owner before finalizing the reservation.

Smoking Policy and Pet Acceptance
26. You can view our holiday homes that accept pets by filtering in the detailed search section on our website. Some of our holiday homes may accept pets based on their breeds, and some may require an additional cleaning fee and/or deposit from guests with pets. These details are indicated in the respective holiday home listings.

27. Smoking is not allowed in the enclosed areas of all our holiday homes. If smoking is detected in enclosed areas, the villa owner reserves the right to deduct from the deposit.

28. Some of our villa owners may not permit smoking in the holiday homes. Information about those who do not permit is stated in the details of our listings.

Swimming Pools
29. The temperatures of the swimming pools in our holiday homes vary according to the weather conditions and seasonal temperatures. The customer renting the holiday home cannot hold Tatil Kirala responsible for not being able to use the pool due to its cold temperature.

30. The customer who will rent the holiday home can visit the State Meteorological General Directorate website or call the State Meteorological General Directorate to learn about the weather conditions on the dates of their stay.

31. Not all holiday homes have heating systems for the swimming pools. If there is a heating system, this information is indicated in the respective holiday home listing on our website. Some heated pools include heating in the price, while others may require a daily additional fee. These details are also included in the respective listings.

32. The water temperatures of heated swimming pools vary between 26 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius. We also want to note that even though they are heated, the water temperatures are not as hot as those in thermal springs. When renting our holiday home and requesting heating for an additional fee, you should consider this. Tatil Kirala cannot be held responsible if the customer who rented the holiday home with a heated pool finds the water temperature insufficient and chooses not to use the pool.

33. Since most pool heaters operate on electricity, Tatil Kirala and/or the holiday home owner cannot be held responsible for the pool cooling due to power outages from the electricity authority.

Damage Deposit
34. A damage deposit will be collected from the customer for each holiday home, depending on its features. The deposit amounts are indicated in the holiday home listings and reservation forms sent to the customers.

35. The damage deposit will be collected from the customer in cash on the day of entry to the holiday home, and if there is no damage, shortage, etc. in the holiday home and its fixtures upon inspection before the customer leaves, it will be refunded in cash without deduction. If there is damage, shortage, etc., the damage will be assessed, and the amount to cover the damage will be deducted from the deposit for the refund to be made. If the damage exceeds the deposit or there are shortages, the remaining amount will be requested from the customer, and if the customer does not pay, legal action will be taken.

36. If the customer leaves the holiday home earlier than the agreed time confirmed with the holiday home owner, the damage inspection will be conducted later, and the deposit refund will be sent to the customer to a designated account number. Shipping expenses will be covered from the damage deposit.

Cancellation Terms and Refund Conditions

37. In case of cancellations made by the customer, regardless of the channel used or the amount paid, the prepayment will not be refunded.
38. In cancellations made in writing between the date of cancellation request and the check-in date, exceeding 60 days, no additional charges apart from the prepayment will be requested from the customers.
39. If the cancellation request is made in writing between 59 and 30 days before the check-in date, 30% of the remaining payment will be requested from the customers. Otherwise, legal action will be taken.
40. If the cancellation request is made in writing with less than 29 days remaining until the check-in date, the full remaining payment will be requested from the customers. Otherwise, legal action will be taken.
41. In the event of cancellation of a vacation home reservation by Tatil Kirala for any reason, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. If there is an available equivalent vacation home in our portfolio for the same dates, it will be offered to the customer. In cases where the customer does not approve and it does not fall under the "force majeure" clause, the money received will be refunded to the customer without deduction.
42. Reservation cancellation requests can be made in writing. Cancellations made via phone conversations are not valid. Reservation cancellations will be considered as soon as the cancellation request is communicated to Tatil Kirala in writing.
43. Tatil Kirala shall not be held responsible for the non-use of the vacation home, including reasons arising from the customer's fault or the termination of the contract without proper written notice, starting from the reservation approval until the use of the vacation home. The entire amount specified in the contract shall become due on the agreed delivery date of the vacation home, and Tatil Kirala reserves all its legal rights in this regard.

Our Responsibilities and Guarantee

44. Tatil Kirala is responsible for delivering the vacation home to the customer at the specified date and time.
45. Tatil Kirala acts as an intermediary between the customer and the vacation home owner. Therefore, the vacation home owner is responsible for addressing any issues that may arise in the vacation home. Tatil Kirala is not responsible for addressing these issues but assists the customer and/or the vacation home owner in resolving them.
46. Furthermore, Tatil Kirala shall not be held responsible for any accidents, illnesses, injuries, drowning in the pool, death, theft, etc., occurring due to any reason or properly in the vacation home, or incidents such as fire or theft that may occur in the vacation home.
47. Tatil Kirala shall not be held responsible for any problems arising from the services provided by third parties/companies during the customer's access to the vacation home, return, or during the vacation, including tours, shopping, food, beverages, entertainment, transportation, travel, guiding services, etc.
48. After leaving the vacation home, the customer cannot request any rights or refunds for any services not received or any malfunctions not reported to Tatil Kirala during their stay in the vacation home.
49. None of the vacation homes published on our website belong to Tatil Kirala. The owners of each vacation home are different individuals, entities, institutions, or companies.
50. Tatil Kirala acts as an intermediary for individuals, entities, institutions, or companies to rent out their vacation homes to customers.

Customer Responsibilities

51. Customers are responsible for using the vacation home, pool, garden furniture, all electrical and electronic appliances, and other furniture delivered to them in working and good condition, cleanly.
52. Customers are obliged to leave all kitchen utensils, which were delivered to them clean, in the same clean condition. On the day of departure, all garbage should be disposed of, and dishes should be washed before handing over the vacation home to the villa owner. Otherwise, in cases where the vacation home is left excessively dirty beyond acceptable standards, the villa owner has the right to deduct a cleaning fee from the security deposit.
53. Customers are liable for any damages caused to the vacation home during their stay and for any lost items. If a security deposit has been taken, the cost will be deducted from this deposit, and in cases where the damage exceeds the security deposit, customers will be requested to make the payment in cash. Otherwise, legal action will be taken.
54. In addition, customers and accompanying individuals must comply with social and moral rules, refrain from making noise that disturbs the environment, avoid listening to loud music, and refrain from engaging in behaviors prohibited by the laws of our country. In case of a complaint reaching Tatil Kirala and/or the villa owner regarding the customer's behavior, Tatil Kirala and/or the villa owner have the right to request the customer to vacate the vacation home before the reservation period expires.
55. Customers who prefer to stay in villas described as conservative (villas where the pool is not visible from the outside) are not guaranteed complete invisibility by Tatil Kirala. Customers are expected to ensure their own privacy regarding invisibility. Tatil Kirala cannot be held responsible for invisibility issues.

Force Majeure

56. In cases falling within the scope of force majeure, Tatil Kirala may unilaterally terminate this contract without any legal liability.
57. Situations such as war, threat of war, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, epidemics, technical problems in transportation, infrastructure and superstructure works carried out by municipalities or public institutions, restrictions imposed by government authorities in the region, and events that occur beyond our control and are unforeseeable will be considered as force majeure.

Security and Privacy Policy

58. Except for cases defined in this Privacy Policy and Rental Agreement, Tatil Kirala will not disclose personal information to any company or third parties.
59. Tatil Kirala will never sell the personal information of visitors, registered users, or partners to third parties. (Personal information refers to any information that identifies the user, such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc.)
60. Tatil Kirala may use personal information internally to create user profiles and conduct statistical studies, and may only share it with third parties for the purpose of conducting these studies.
61. Tatil Kirala is committed to keeping personal information strictly confidential and private, treating it as a duty of confidentiality, taking necessary precautions to prevent the disclosure, unauthorized use, or disclosure of any portion of confidential information, and exercising due diligence to ensure and maintain confidentiality. Tatil Kirala will not be liable for any damage if confidential information is compromised or falls into the hands of third parties as a result of attacks on the website or system may link to other sites. is not responsible for the privacy practices and contents of sites accessed via links.  may identify users' IP addresses when necessary and use them. IP addresses can be used to generally identify users and collect comprehensive demographic information.

Other Important Information
63. In cases where Holiday Rent cannot prevent circumstances such as the roads leading to our holiday villas being in poor condition, uphill terrain, wet ground, etc., Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible.
64. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for accidents or other negative incidents that may occur during transportation to the holiday home.
65. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for situations where the use of different materials (cedar wood, pine wood, some plastic products, any kind of plant in the garden or inside the holiday home, etc.) in the construction of some holiday homes may disturb the customer's health and/or psychological well-being.
66. Customers staying in all our holiday homes will need a private vehicle. The customer's transportation to the holiday homes is their own responsibility. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible.
67. The customer can obtain taxi, transfer vehicle, or rental car from third parties through Holiday Rent. Holiday Rent is not responsible for transfer or taxi services rented or rented from third parties.
68. The customer who has rented the holiday home cannot hold Holiday Rent responsible for being dissatisfied with the geographical location of the rented holiday home. The locations of our holiday homes are approximately indicated on our website.
69. During transportation to the holiday home, while parked inside or outside the holiday home during your vacation, Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for any damage to your private or rented vehicle.
70. Any negative consequences that may arise due to the customer's vehicle (motorcycle, car, etc.) being close to the ground, the vehicle's engine power being weak, the customer's inexperience in using a car, motorcycle, etc., and consequently being unable to reach the holiday home are the customer's own responsibility. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for such or similar problems.
71. The "distance table" indicated in the advertisements of our holiday homes on our website is approximately written. There may be margin of error. The customer who rents the holiday home agrees to take this into account.
72. The information about the nearest airport is entered in the advertisements of our holiday homes on our website. Since there may be a margin of error, it is recommended that guests arriving by plane research and choose the nearest airport to the holiday home themselves. Otherwise, Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for problems arising from purchasing airplane tickets to the wrong or distant airport.
73. The information about the "distance table" of the advertisements of the holiday homes on our website is the information entered when the advertisement was prepared. If the specified markets, restaurants, etc., have closed over time, Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for this situation.
74. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for drowning, falling, foot fractures, arm fractures, or any accidents that may occur in the pool of the holiday home.
75. In our holiday homes with hot water tanks heated by solar energy, it is recommended that our guests use hot water gradually. Especially in the evening hours when the effect of the sun decreases, consuming hot water collectively may cause a problem as it cannot be renewed. In case of experiencing such a problem, Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible.
76. There is no food, beverage, or any food product, etc., in any of our holiday homes. Unless stated otherwise in the advertisements, there are no services such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, open buffet, etc., in any of our holiday homes. It is the customer's responsibility to provide these products. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for the specified deficiencies.
77. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for situations such as no reception of cell phone signal, weak reception, or no internet connection from the cell phone either in our holiday homes or on the road. It is recommended to call your GSM operator and get detailed information about the GSM signal situation in the area you will visit.
78. Even if you make payments with a credit card, mail order, EFT, transfer, FAST, etc., never purchase airplane tickets, bus tickets, etc., before receiving the "reservation form". If the "reservation form" is not received, you will not be considered to have rented the holiday home. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for material and moral damages that may arise from the customer's hasty actions in these and similar situations.
79. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for all accidents and incidents caused by the customer in the holiday homes, including fire, electric leakage, gas leakage, resulting deaths and accidents, phone and internet disconnections from the internet service provider (such as Turk Telekom), electricity disconnections from the electricity company, water disconnections from the water company.
80. Photo shoots of all our holiday homes cannot be done by Holiday Rent. Holiday Rent aims to revise by making photo shoots of all holiday homes by itself by making a business plan. However, since the completion of the process will take time, it prepares advertisements by requesting photos of the holiday homes it cannot shoot from the holiday home owner. Including Holiday Rent's shoots, some shots are taken with wide-angle professional lenses to show more details. Therefore, some objects may appear larger or wider in the photos than they actually are. The customer must accept this situation. After entering the holiday home, the customer cannot request reservation cancellation by claiming that the holiday home does not look like it does in the advertisement on the website. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for this situation.
81. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for any negative effects arising from positive or negative natural events, conditions, and weather conditions.
82. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for incidents such as bee stings, scorpion stings, insect bites, snake bites, cat or dog bites, etc., that may occur to the customer.
83. The customer who wishes to prefer conservative holiday homes, which are referred to as holiday homes that cannot be seen from the outside of the pool, must see expressions such as "this holiday home is suitable for conservative families", "the pool cannot be seen from the outside", "can be preferred by veiled women", etc., on the advertisement details page. If there are no such wordings, that holiday home is not a conservative one. The customer who rents a holiday home without such expressions cannot claim that the holiday home is not conservative. In such cases, Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible. It is recommended that the customer who will rent the holiday home read the advertisement details carefully.
84. The customer is responsible for any gathering of ants, insects, etc., animals such as ants, insects, etc., in the holiday home, pool garden, or pool terrace, due to any food or your garbage, and Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for this situation.
85. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for any kind of illness that may arise from the water from the swimming pool or shower of the rented holiday home, chlorine allergy, etc., chemical allergies. It is recommended that individuals with health or body sensitivity do not enter the pool.
86. All kinds of livestock such as cattle, sheep, chickens, partridges, etc., can be raised around the rented holiday home. All kinds of fertilizers can be used in the garden of the rented holiday home or in the gardens of neighboring houses. Holiday Rent cannot be held responsible for disturbing animal sounds and bad odors that may arise from such events and similar events.
87. In cases of funeral, death, war, health problems, accidents, cancellation of leave of public personnel or private company personnel, the rental conditions remain valid and unfortunately, cancellation is not possible.
88. The customer, by accepting all the conditions mentioned above, acknowledges that in the event of attempting to terminate the rental agreement by citing such circumstances, Holiday Rent reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and claim the contract fee.
89. Customers who make reservations for any of our holiday homes are deemed to have accepted all of the above provisions. In the event of any behavior contrary to these provisions, Holiday Rent reserves the right to unilaterally cancel reservations, refuse refunds, and demand any outstanding payments. Otherwise, legal action may be taken.
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